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One touch is all you need to set up a winning presentation. Crestron provides a simple solution for automating everything from AV equipment to lights and shades all into an effortless integrated system.

Of course, no two businesses are the same–that’s why AVC delivers flexible solutions tailored to your business technology needs. Our installations are integrated by design to provide scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions that increase productivity, maximize resources and reduce costs. Invest with confidence in a technology platform that will grow with your business.

Collaborate without leaving your seat — our simple and secure solutions are designed to help your team get more done. Crestron wireless technology allows multiple participants to view, control, and collaborate on a presentation using nearly any laptop or smart device. Multiple laptops can also connect using our wired solution, making it easy to switch between presenters on the fly.

Crestron Fusion™ enterprise management platform is the smart way to integrate disparate systems throughout your business. Network all of your multimedia, environmental, and room-scheduling technology using existing IT infrastructure, and Crestron Fusion will let you monitor, manage, and control systems across the entire enterprise with ease. Save time and money while maximizing resources with the most advanced enterprise solution available.


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