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AV applications to take the auditorium presentation to new levels

The auditorium is, without doubt, the centrepiece of a company’s presentation and learning facility, which invariably provides the opportunity to create an environment that brings together all components of an integrated audio visual solution.

Traditionally the domain of the elite corporate organisation, Pro-ology has equipping auditoria across market verticals, including forward-thinking commercial, education, hospitality, government and public sector institutions. Ranging from the intimate auditorium that hosts presentations to handfuls of guests to multi-seat corporate spaces.

Typically, our auditorium applications could comprise of state-of-the-art projection systems and/or large format displays with repeater screens, HD video streaming, delegate microphone and voting systems. Professional presentation audio systems that include PA, surround sound, induction loops, transcription, recording, voice reinforcement, speaker and microphone zoning and distribution systems, both fixed and wireless, are also key to a perfect presentation.

These are just some of the AV components of a fully-equipped, intelligently controlled auditorium environment; Pro-ology can tailor every auditorium application to suit the needs of the client, the size of the space and the budget.

Contact Pro-ology to find out more about professional, integrated AV solutions for corporate, leisure, public sector and educational auditorium applications.


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