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Parthenon board room video conferencing system

Boardroom, Meetings & Seminar Spaces

The executive boardroom is the hub of the commercial decision-making; a meeting space where key decision makers collaborate, present and direct.

This environment presents a perfect opportunity for audio visual solutions that provide the art of communication and collaborative technology.

AVC has designed and installed integrated AV solutions within the boardrooms of some of the world’s largest organizations. By integrating IT, telecommunications networks and infrastructures with state of the art technologies these spaces can be transformed into cutting edge environments where the great minded can achieve even greater advances.

A typical sophisticated boardroom can not only work in isolation from and but unison with other collaborative spaces, including offices, meeting rooms and client-facing spaces. Presentation audio, video conferencing, and projection systems are just some of the technologies that can form part of a solution that integrates multiple rooms, disparate technologies and systems and, most importantly, people – those on site and those located across a global network of operations.

In addition board meetings can be managed and organised with innovative room booking solutions

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Meeting Rooms

Integrated AV solutions that bring meeting rooms to life. These are the spaces where an integrated suite of audio visual technologies enable organisations to unite and collaborate with intelligent Meeting room systemscolleagues and partners based on site or on the other sites around the world. Discreet, stylish, intelligent and with all components integrated to automate and control everything from sound, vision and environmental settings. A properly designed meeting room AV solution can be one of the most rewarding investments a business will ever make.

A typical meeting room application will incorporate an audio or video conferencing system to link to remote partners, colleagues and clients large large format displays to present all forms of media and an intuitive control system for managing every aspect of the AV solution.

In addition innovative room booking solutions ensure multiple meeting spaces can be managed and organised, professionally and efficiently through intuitive room booking software.

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