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AV for local governmentCouncil chamber Audio Visual (AV) applications promote efficiency and accountability.

Our city, town and borough councils have never been more accountable to their communities than they are today yet, despite a period of financial constraints, public demand for greater efficiency and operational excellence has led to better equipped council chambers with resources that ensure that such accountability can be recorded, verified and respected.

Audio Visual Connections has applied professional AV solutions to many council chambers and associated council suites, all within strict budgets and all comprising scalable, flexible, forward thinking technology that make future upgrades easy and cost-effective.

Whether the requirement is for a single chamber space or connected public and meeting spaces or overflow areas, the typical chamber application will call for an intuitive audio visual solution that includes projection systems and/or large format displays with repeater screens, delegate microphone and voting systems, professional presentation audio systems with speakers and microphones, video matrices and switcher all run with touchscreen controls.

Public meetings, such as planning hearings, disputes and high level assemblies can be recorded for future broadcast and streamed live to external audiences or on demand.

Contact AVC to find out more about professional, integrated AV solutions for council chambers and buildings.


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