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Living Technology are Audio Visual Connections Domestic Technology division. Also Dorset based they provide home cinema & home automation equipment and solutions with a fresh technical approach to design and installation throughout the UK.

Whether your vision is simply a plasma screen with surround sound or a dedicated cinema room we will design a system which is reliable and easy to use for all the family.

Home Cinema Design & Installation

Our team will help to recreate your dream big screen experience in your own home (or office).

We work with homeowners and developers to convert conventional living spaces, attics and basements into stunning automated home cinemas and entertainment areas. With the falling cost of equipment and the dramatic growth in technology there really is now no limit to what we can create for you

Improvements in digital projecton and flat panel TVs now means that home cinemas are attainable on almost any budget.

  • Multi-Room Audio and Video

  • Home Cinema Installations

  • Advanced Lighting

  • Custom Seating

  • Dedicated Cinema Rooms

  • Breakout and Entertainment spaces

Entertainment at home should be easy, comfortable and social. This is why we implement and install the latest available technologies to optimise your home cinema experience. Regardless of your room size or budget, it is possible to create a  home cinema system that offers prolific entertainment options, on demand.

And with our professional installation team you wont be swamped with unsightly cables and black boxes. Everything will be hidden away; hidden but accessible leaving you to enjoy your brand new home cinema installation.

Home Automation

Home automation means more convenience, more safety, higher energy savings.

Whether in a single-family house or in an office complex, the demand for comfort and versatility in the management of air-conditioning, lighting and Door Entry Systems is growing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. More convenience and safety coupled with lower energy consumption can however only be achieved by intelligent control and monitoring of all products involved.

  • Automated Lighting Control Systems

  • Home CCTV and Security

  • Occupancy Simulation

  • Data and Communication

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

 Your Smart Home

These are just simple examples of the many smart capabilities we can implement in your home by integrating together all the different technologies into a single control system that allows your property to automatically control devices based on inputs and data it is receiving.

Our intuitive touch screen interfaces and SMART technology make it easy for you to control your systems and we can even integrate programmed schedules, meaning you can sit back and let our clever systems do all the work for you. That’s right—we can even design your system so that your heating and lighting come on only when your home or room detects movement! Best of all, however complicated your vision, we make it all come together in a way that is completely easy-to-use and simple for you using our unique ‘two-way’ backup systems that ensure absolutely no down time.

Contact us today and discover how we can help you use the latest technology to empower your teachers and inspire your students.


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