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Audio visual installations for the Leisure industry

Whether you need a complete venue refurbishment, replacement of outdated gear or additional equipment for such things as sporting or conference events.

Our engineers are trained to fit and configure multiple audio systems from 100v Line to full PA systems and any projector/plasma screen requirements you may have.

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From entrance lobby large format displays informing incoming guests and business delegates as to their day’s activities and agenda, to smaller screens subliminally but effectively showcasing the venue’s adjunct services; moving image display screens have long since replaced the fixed poster or the billboard of past times.

A large format screen in the hotel’s entrance lobby might display the forthcoming events of the day ensuring guests are informed and know where they need to go. This serves as the hotel’s virtual receptionist during busy times and maintains goodwill. Other screens could be utilised to great effect displaying information about the hotel facilities; directing guests to social areas, the restaurant, the health spa, the gymnasium as well as general retail spaces. Business delegates could be quickly informed and easily directed to their relevant Seminar space, or Board and Meeting rooms, in attendance of their event for that day. All of which are important revenue streams for the Hotel.

Menus, special events, sommelier events for wine connoisseurs could be featured, Health-spa offers and events promoted, gymnasium membership featured and advertised and of course all that the Hotel might be able to offer the business community in terms of meeting room services, video-conferencing, and the promotion of the hotel’s Auditoriums for major events complimented by high definition projected images and large format screens, high fidelity or surround sound audio.

Health and sporting venues

Similarly Health and Sporting venues use AV to great effect- whether it’s a small privately owned health club looking to encourage memberships, to major centres- golf clubs, racetracks, racecourses and stadia. All employ a variety of Audio-visual technologies to enhance their product or service and frequently adding value by way of providing an advertising medium for other businesses or service providers, through digital signage. Once again, this form of dynamic advertising has been proven to impact positively on the venue’s retail spaces and social areas.

Bars, pubs and restaurants have also long been benefiting from Audio-Visual technologies, encouraging patronage during major sporting events by showing the event on ‘the big screen’ using HD projection and audio. Utilising ‘digital posters’ to feature brand events and promotions. This has been shown to be particularly effective at encouraging customer retention when employed at ‘point-of-sale’, or even at ‘feedback stations’ encouraging the customer to ‘comment’ using simple to use touch-screen interfaces.

The private client

From a single room Audio-Visual installation to a Whole House Multi-media and Automation Network, complete Home Cinema to poolside parties. Whether it’s your main residence, your holiday villa or indeed your yacht, the careful clever integration of technology can transform any home or space into a stunning Audio-Visual and Multi-media experience.
Bespoke audio and visual entertainment systems, security and lighting control applications are no longer the domain of just the ‘high net worth’, today these technologies are accessible and affordable by people from all walks of life bringing ease of use, pleasure and peace of mind.

Our Custom Installers work closely with architects, interior designers, developers and private clients to tailor our high-tech installations to your unique environment and requirements

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