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The SMART Visual Collaboration Solution delivers unparalleled content interaction, anytime, anywhere, in an unbound workspace. Our software coupled with the most extensive range of touch-enabled interactive displays to enrich collaboration sessions and keep every participant engaged.

Inspiring innovation

SMART is defined by innovation and our desire to improve the way the world works and learns. And we’re defined by our customers – the teachers, students and business people who say that SMART has helped them discover new ideas, new ways of learning and new ways of collaborating. Our easy-to-use interactive displays and integrated solutions are crucial to classrooms and meeting rooms around the world.

We created the world’s first interactive whiteboard in 1991, and we remain the world’s leading provider of interactive whiteboards.* Incorporated in 1987, SMART has been committed to innovation and excellence for more than 25 years.

It is those core values that have resonated with the education, higher education, business, government and military communities. More than two million SMART Board interactive whiteboards are used by over 40 million students and their teachers, and SMART products are used in more than 175 countries.

Our global success with educators stems from the results they achieve with our products, which are known to support student-centered learning. And our Freestorm visual collaboration solutions help business teams increase innovation and boost productivity by working together without the restrictions of traditional tools or distance.

While our product offering started with the interactive whiteboard, it has significantly evolved to include interactive flat panels, interactive tables, interactive pen displays, student response systems, wireless slates, audio enhancement systems, document cameras, conferencing software, a full line of interactive learning software and more. Beyond products, SMART provides the support, integration and services needed to ensure our customers can use our solutions to their full potential.


The market leading large format interactive touchscreen for education.

Clevertouch interactive touchscreens are changing the way we educate – the durable alternative to interactive whiteboard and projector solutions. With innovative features such as built in PCs and an app store focused on education, we are proud to install Clevertouch in a growing number of forward-looking schools.


U-Touch are one of the world’s leading specialists in touch screen technology.

Over the last 16 years, we have been designing and creating groundbreaking Touch technology for clients across the globe.

We have a broad and diverse portfolio of products and product solutions, and are constantly striving to bring the latest technology and solutions at the best prices. With offices in the UK, USA, Netherlands and Poland, we are able to cater for, and provide the best service wherever you are in the world.

U-Touch are involved in all aspects of touch screen design, development, manufacture and delivery from early consultation, bespoke drawings, purpose built manufacture and systems integration, right through to technical service and support for many years after projects have been completed.

U-Touch offer the most reliable and robust of Touch Technologies including  infrared, capacitive, projection, through-glass touch foils and new Shadow Sense technology. Expertly integrated into the best display technology available for a future proof and consistently reliable product.

U-Touch continue to pioneer new products, always utilising the best in design and emerging technologies. U-Touch continuously work with key partners to develop important new solutions such as the World’s first and largest single 152″ touch screen for the Panasonic 152″ Plasma display.

U-Touch technologies are used extensively across all market applications, from critical applications such as Heathrow air traffic control, to TV News broadcasts, to designer presentations for leading ad agencies at the Cannes film festival.


We are Pro Display, an award winning British manufacturer specialising in innovative display solutions. Established over 10 years ago, our unique range of products has been specified on projects for some of the world’s leading brands.

A combination of design flair, innovation and expert knowledge have created a truly unique range of display products and solutions. Since its conception the company has now grown significantly with a reseller network that spans the globe.

Pro Display prides itself on having a unique range of screen technologies which will cover most, if not all of your display requirements.

Our innovative range of products include:

  • Rear & Front Projection Screens
  • Rear & Front Projection Film
  • Switchable Glass & Film
  • Interactive Touch Foils
  • Interactive Touch Screens
  • Mirror TV Screens
  • Indoor & Outdoor LED Video Screens
  • LED Perimeter Advertising Systems


Unlock the power of the group with Microsoft Surface Hub, a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally.

Engaging and productive meetings

Microsoft Surface Hub reimagines the meeting experience so that you can unlock the power of the group. You can walk up and join a Skype for Business meeting with a single tap, and share content effortlessly, so that you spend your time connecting to people rather than technology. And since you can easily send meeting notes and content, you can communicate outcomes and action points.

Scheduled or spontaneous

Schedule meetings in advance with Skype for Business or invite remote attendees ad hoc when you want to bring them into the discussion.

One-touch meeting start

Start meetings on time with a tap of the screen. End your session with an option to save and send meeting content to the group for later use.

Easy to share content

You can easily share content from laptops, tablets, or phones. With inkback™ and touchback™, your changes will appear on compatible personal devices.

Engaging for everyone

Everyone can see content and contribute equally no matter where they are. Clear sound and high-quality video make meetings great.

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