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Australian Monitor

Designed with passion and delivering superior audio and reliability.

For more than 25 years Australian Monitor has been a global leader in delivering stylish and cost-effective innovations for the commercial and professional audio  markets. Setting a benchmark for reliability and value for money, our brand has grown to dominate the Australian and New Zealand A/V landscape.

Through deep understanding  of our contractors and end users varied requirements,Australian Monitor is able to be responsive by developing both product and service solutions that meet these often complex requirements. Building on our reputation for seamless product performance and reliability, Australian Monitor has developed key partnerships in the global audio market, with distributors to over 75 countries worldwide.


No matter where you go in the world you will find JBL Installed Sound Speaker Systems at many of the most notable venues. With that kind of global perspective, JBL has come to respect the one indisputable truth of business: every customer is unique. A speaker system that is perfectly right for one job might be perfectly wrong for another. Thats why JBL Installed Sound products offer a range of options without equal


In an age when solution providing is king, the TOA Corporation has responded to the needs of its customers in the professional audio field, including public address, security, voice evacuation and digital audio contracting markets with a constantly-evolving range of integrated products..

But providing “the solution” depends on much more than delivering a bunch of boxed hardware to site.

It is not by accident that TOA has won major contracts over the past two years, including a sophisticated digital public address and emergency highway for the English National Opera at the London Coliseum, interfacing with the fire alarm system at the Millennium Dome, dealing with the voice evacuation requirements of the National History Museum and providing a digital networking system for the latest National Lottery-funded Millennium project, the magnificent Lowry complex at Salford Quays, where TOA’s state of the art matrix processing enables different sound scenes to be configured and accessed on the fly from a laptop.

None of this would have happened had we merely supplied the hardware. At TOA we pride ourselves in being able to offer full design and technical support to the contracting companies, enabling them to evolve their own solutions with the building blocks that we are able to supply them.


We believe that providing superb audio (one of the five senses) at affordable prices is a way of improving the quality of people’s life. That’s why we are passionate to be a leading company in creating installed sound solutions. We do this by being apart and empowering our staff to be the best in innovation, marketing and operational excellence. By being close to the installer we want to become the favourite installed sound brand. Our mission is to become the installers’ favorite choice in audio. We want the Apart brand to become top of mind in the head of every installer.

As already mentioned Audioprof was founded by an installer, so we understand and feel that installers are aiming for a partner excelling in creating and developing innovative installed sound solutions. We are a specialised manufacturer of audio products in which we combine reliability, easy to use/install, good service and attractive prices! We are passionate in providing excellent audio quality to the end-customer. The Apart products are especially designed for use in following fixed install market segments:

  • Commercial audio: background music and messages in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, waiting areas, theatres, digital advertising…
  • Functional / industrial audio: sound in houses of worship, meeting rooms, classrooms, train and bus stations, sport centres, warehouses, offices, parkings…
  • Residential audio: music integrated in houses, home entertainment, multi room systems…
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