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The award-winning projector range offers products for all needs, from portable devices via business projectors to products for permanent operation (such as PoS applications). Excellent brightness and attractive price/performance ratio.


Whether your business is looking for high-brightness, high-resolution projectors that can handle large venue displays, or a video projector that can project within a small space, Panasonic covers the entire spectrum and offers the broadest range of projectors on the market.

Whatever required, there is a Panasonic Projector perfect for your business needs.

Panasonic projectors satisfy the demands of all types of businesses; whether you are looking for superior image quality, flexible installation, easy maintenance or wireless connectivity, there is a projector that will work to achieve your ideal visual solution.

Our range of Projector accessories are designed to extend the usability and efficiency of all our projectors.

Our RGB booster technology helps achieve high image quality with levels of colour reproduction and brightness that make each colour stand out. Detail Clarity Processors also help with an advanced image processing circuit analysis of video signal frequency range. This process extracts data on the distribution of high, mid and low frequency components and brings out fine details of an image.

Panasonic is at the forefront of the industry with solid shine illumination technology, a newly developed light source found in our new range of LED/Laser 1-Chip DLP projectors. The LED / laser combination gives solid reliability and long lasting brightness that cannot be achieved with a conventional lamp based projector. Once again Panasonic has demonstrated its leadership in this exciting new development in projection and new models taking this new technology to even higher brightness and greater feature sets are just around the corner.

Wired or wireless projection is quick and easy with our wireless Panasonic projectors. The wireless manager application useable with a selected range of our projectors allows easy transfer of data from the screen of any personal computer through a wireless connection. It is also possible to utilise the wireless connection to your projector from a number of iOS and Android devices, such as: iPad, iPhone or iPod touch by downloading the “Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS” application. Navigate around our full range of projectors to see which one is the right solution for your business and discover the wealth of flexibility offered by Panasonic projectors.

Projector Case Study – London 2012 Olympic Games

Panasonic played a key part in making the London 2012 Olympic Games such a stunning spectacle. As an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner, our projectors and displays were central to bringing the games to the eyes of the world.

The opening ceremony showcased our projectors ability to bring life to static objects by projecting high-quality footage onto them. Panasonic projectors were a key part of the opening ceremony, helping to bring Danny Boyle’s vision to life. Some incredible images with vivid colours and high resolution detail were projected from the PT-DZ21K series projectors, building an unprecedented backdrop of light and colour for the music and dancers that helped capture everyone’s imagination. Read more on this case study here, or use the buttons below to explore the full range of projectors.


EPSON UK: Innovation Leader

Epson UK has a strong reputation as being an innovation leader, and showcase expertise and ground-breaking new product developments at various exhibitions throughout the UK and Europe.

One of the key areas is the imaging market. As an iconic exhibitor, Epson UK attends the ‘Focus on Imaging‘ show which is held every year in Birmingham, England.

The UK team delivers a high level of product support and advice to customers at the event – as well as showcasing the very latest innovative imaging products and services.

To see which events Epson UK are attending, please visit our What’s New area.


Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops networked visualization products for the Entertainment, Enterprise and Healthcare markets.

Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and APAC. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with 3,250 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.051 billion euro in 2014.

Barco’s range of 3-chip DLP large venue projectors covers a large spectrum of brightness levels, ranging from 8,000 to 40,000 lumens. Designed with the road in mind, our high-brightness event projectors come with smart features such as wireless control and a preview mode.


Christie offers the broadest range of LCD, 1-chip and 3-chip DLP® projectors on the market. We have what you need no matter your application or budget. With Christie products you get high performance, as well as a wide range of models that lower the total cost of ownership.

Today’s A/V is not like yesterday’s A/V. With technology such as it is, today’s display solutions are brighter than ever, easier to install and less expensive – making it possible to incorporate visual display systems in virtually any environment.

You might be wondering… what should I consider to get the most out of my Christie investment and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? What size of a display will make sure I get the brightness I need? What should I consider when choosing a display if I am using it for data and video, or for applications of different sizes and complexity? When will I need to replace lamps and filters? Are there energy-saving features will help save additional costs? What resources do I need to install and maintain my system?

The broadest range of digital projectors

Christie offers the broadest range of LCD, 1-chip and 3-chip DLP® projectors on the market – we have what you need no matter your application or budget. No room is too large or too small for a Christie display. With Christie products you get high performance, as well as a wide range of models that lower TCO, such as:

Built-in features – no additional equipment required
Dust-sealed engines – lower maintenance costs
Optional dust and fog juice filters – lower maintenance costs
Energy-saving features –reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life
Networking and monitoring – lowers maintenance costs
Industry-leading warranties, service and support

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